Our Staff


Nick (V1 Sales) Ridsdale

Nick is our Victorian sales representative covering areas surrounding Albury, Gippsland, Bendigo, Mount Gambier and Mildura

A huge favourite with the customers as he has a dry and wicked sense of humour

And will always go out of his way to supply demands of stock required by every customer.


Matthew Hiles

"Matty" is in charge of our Mayfield Warehouse. An invaluable part of the team Matt is "jack of all trades" and usually is the first person that anybody looks too for help with a stock or a customer issue. He has been at Topline for more than 20 years and nobody knows the stock better than he. Matt's favourite pastime (almost) is food doesn't matter what sort, can even be edible table decorations.

Rhys Burns

Rhys is the storeman in our Brisbane office, looking after the branches and our sales trucks that run around Queensland and northern NSW. A keen 4X4 enthusiast and avid trail biker rider. His weekends are kept busy with these pursuits.

Carsten Larsen

The great Dane! Carsten is the Warehouse Manager at Stafford and part time Sales Rep in Q3 Truck. Worked for countless years in the TV Antenna industry and is a wealth of knowledge ( just ask him! ). Carsten has a great rapport with customers and he goes out of his way to help them out. He loves cooking and is an avid connoisseur of exotic wines. Weekends are spent doing what Vikings do best - mostly pillaging!

Michael Tuite

Mick is employed at our Stafford branch. A former sparky, he has worked in the electrical industry for most of his life. He travels to the western areas of Queensland, Northern NSW, Hervey Bay and surrounds, as well as Brisbane itself. He has a great raport with his clients, they all look forward to seeing him, especially hearing his new jokes he has on offer.